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At Clearent, we strive to be a complete payment processor that provides a developer-friendly payment API with multiple integration options. We leverage our proprietary technology to make doing business easier and more profitable for our partners. Our commitment to honesty and transparency has made us one of the most trusted companies in the payments industry.

Clearent has the Tools that Website Developers Want

We now offer a suite of integrations and plug-ins that allow web developers to easily and securely accept card payments online. Whether dropping a hosted pay button into a website, using our existing shopping cart plug-ins, or integrating with an eCommerce website — we have you covered. Best part is, we will pay you to use them!


Best-in-Class Support

Get real live support from payments experts who care about your business.

Layered Protection

We support Magtek encrypted card readers to protect you and your customers.



At Clearent, we strive to be a different kind of payment processor. This core value shines through in everything we do, from the way we built our developer-friendly payments platform to the way we treat our partners and merchants.

API Benefits

What this means for you is that you get a developer-friendly payment processing API that provides:

  • Multiple integration options
    • Restful API
    • Hosted Payment Page
    • Hosted Pay Buttons
    • Authorize.Net’s Advanced Integration Method (AIM) Shopping Cart
  • Support for swiped and keyed transactions
  • Encrypted card readers
  • Compatible with major shopping carts
  • Clear documentation and support from live payments experts

Why Clearent?

Plus you get these great benefits because we’re a complete payment processor that connects directly to the card associations:

  • Flexible merchant pricing options
  • Next day funding with an 11:00 Eastern cut off – which is one of the latest in the industry
  • Accurate interchange qualification
  • Graphical, online reporting tools
  • Revenue sharing programs available

Built to Be Different

You’ll notice that our way of doing things is a bit different from the legacy processors and specialty payment APIs. Our flexible programs let you pick the best way to run your business.

Go Straight to the Source

Because we are a direct processor to the card associations – and not just a gateway – you can go straight to the source for more robust and more flexible programs.

Integrated Payments, Only Faster

We can help you integrate payments faster and provide your customers with a seamless transaction process that only lends itself to a better overall user experience.

Proven Fraud Protection

With advanced fraud protection services and encrypted card readers, we can help you protect your business and your customers.

Because our goal is to help you grow your business,
your success is top of mind in everything we do.

Let us handle the payments piece so you can focus on your business
and add integrated payments to your most preferred platform.

Compare and you’ll see… Clearent is the best choice.

Medical Solution Provider

Clearent’s API is easy to use and the documentation is very clear. You are the best payments API that we’re currently working with, and that’s like ten of them.

Medical Solution Provider
Web Development  Company

I like working with Clearent because the people are always pleasant and it’s easy to get ahold of people when you need them.

Web Development Company

Live Support Makes All the Difference

When you have a question, you want answers fast.

Who has time to search online knowledge bases or wait for someone to answer your question via email? You want real live support from payments experts who care about your business.

With Clearent, that’s exactly what you get.

Get the Best Protection from Encrypted Card Readers

Every time you turn around you hear about yet another data breach.

That’s why we support Magtek encrypted card readers to protect both you and your customers.

Your customers will feel good knowing that their payment information is encrypted, and you’ll be on your way towards building more loyal customers.

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