Recurring Payments


Offer your merchants the ability to securely process automatic recurring payments with Clearent’s Recurring Payments API.

Simply use the API to create customers, payment tokens, and payment plans to run recurring payments for your merchants.

Software solutions with their own recurring payments engine can securely store and access tokenized card data from Clearent’s token vault.

Need a simpler recurring payments solution? You can also offer recurring payments through Clearent’s Virtual Terminal. Create customers, tokens, and payment plans within the Virtual Terminal’s user interface.

How it works

When your merchants add a card to a customer’s profile, Clearent’s API will return a token so they can securely run card-on-file and recurring payments.


You can customize which customer profile fields and payment plan frequencies you want to offer within your POS when you code to Clearent’s Recurring Payments API.

Clearent’s Layered Security Approach

PCI-validated P2PE


Quick Chip for EMV

PCI Compliance