Virtual Terminal


Supplement your payment integration with secure backup payment processing through Clearent’s Virtual Terminal.

Seamless, secure payment processing is one of the keys to your customers’ success. However, sometimes unexpected hardware or software issues prohibit them from processing payments. 

Thanks to the Clearent Virtual Terminal, there’s no need to worry if your customers experience an issue with their POS system or your software. If your customers experience an issue or an outage, all they need is a device that’s connected to the Internet and they’re able to accept credit cards once again. 


How it works

Clearent’s Virtual Terminal is easy to use and works without software or traditional credit card terminals so your customers can accept and manage payments virtually anywhere. Merchants simply log in to the Virtual Terminal, manually enter or swipe the card with an optional card reader, and they’re back in business with the Virtual Terminal as their backup solution until their equipment or software is repaired, replaced or updated. 

Backup payment processing for your merchants

Manually process refunds

Set up repeat payments

Manage customers

Get better processing rates