Seamlessly embed payment processing into your software with Clearent’s REST-based Payment Gateway API.

Offer your merchants a seamless checkout experience, PCI-scope reducing payment security, and the ability to accept payments anywhere when you combine your software with Clearent’s payments technology and expertise. 

Integrating payments leads to higher merchant retention and opens up an additional revenue stream for your business with the opportunity to earn residuals on your merchant’s processing volume.

Between Clearent’s PCI-compliant technology and layered approach to payment security, you can rest easy knowing you and your merchants are protected from data breaches and that cardholder data is secure for all transaction types, including: auths, captures, tips, tip adjust, voids, refunds, and tokens.

How it works

With Quest’s Payments API you can take payments online, in person and over the phone. For example, if you are a utility company or a call center, you can take payments over the phone while staying out of scope for PA-DSS by leveraging our “encrypted” track format and a wide variety of terminals that can be used to key enter transactions. See a list of our supported terminals here

In addition, you can build a healthy, predictable revenue stream by tokenizing card numbers for recurring payments. You can also perform a variety of back office transactions, including voids and refunds.

How It's Different

REST-based API


Layered security

Hands-on integration