Clearent’s layered security approach uses tokenization to protect sensitive card data at rest by replacing it with a token.

A token is a randomly generated code. Once generated, it can be used for future purchases and enables recurring purchases and card-on-file payments. 

Sensitive card data is stored in Clearent’s secure vault, which eliminates your PCI PA-DSS scope since data is not flowing through your software. Tokenization also reduces your merchants’ PCI scope, making compliance faster, easier and less expensive since they are not storing or transmitting sensitive data.

Need to migrate tokens from another provider? We can help you with that. Click here to learn more.

How it works

Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive card data with a randomly generated code, known as a token. The token stands in for sensitive data and is worthless to hackers in the event of a breach.


Clearent’s Layered Security Approach

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