WordCamp St. Louis & Taking Payments Using Clearent’s WordPress Payments Plug-in

WordCamp 2016

So what kind of work do you do? I asked this open-ended question to every WordCamp St. Louis attendee who stopped by Clearent’s table last weekend at Washington University. I borrowed the conversation starter from my colleague Andrew Bell (pictured left with developer Jill Willard). I liked how people visibly opened up by relaxing their shoulders when they heard it. Like they were honored to talk about their work, because it meant they could talk about their passion rather than just their job title and company name.

As you can imagine, I heard some interesting responses. This was a WordCamp St. Louis event after all! I met a mini bike distributor, an author, and even a nut milk start-up. The other group of people I met were full-time and freelance web designers and web developers. All were using WordPress as a conduit to market their passions—whether it was for themselves or for their clients. And they all needed a way to accept payments. Read more