How Our Hosted Payments Page Is Different

Hosted Payment Page 1

Generally, a hosted payments page is a web page your payments provider hosts for you. They aren’t hosting your payments page but rather a generic payments page that your website will use for the payments processing of your eCommerce store, shopping cart, or checkout page. In this case, your customers will come to your website, add products to their shopping cart, pay for their goods and get a confirmation of the completed sale and pending shipment.

The image below shows the typical flow when using a hosted payments page.

Hosted Payments Page Flow

There are many benefits to using a hosted payments page:

  • Reduced PCI scope
    • Because you are not sending financial data to your server your PCI scope is greatly reduced.
  • Ease of implementation
    • Hosted payments pages generally offer much less coding and development time to start accepting payments. This allows you to start accepting payments much faster.
  • Reduced development costs
    • Because development and implementation time is reduced, so is the cost associated with developing a payments solution.

But not all hosted payments pages are created equal. There are also some downsides with using typical hosted payments solutions:

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My first eCommerce Meetup


I was so excited that I recently received a notification from informing me that an eCommerce meetup had been organized here in St Louis!

It didn’t surprise me that there wasn’t an eCommerce group overview or agenda, because I thought the person who registered the meetup might have been new to the process. It was listed as a technical meetup, so I was excited to see what I could do to help establish the eCommerce groups goals, help formulate future agendas and help line up future sponsors. Initially, only three people had signed up for the eCommerce meetup, as it was a fairly narrow interest, but I had grand hopes of building up the membership.

I thought it was a little unusual that the meeting was going to be held in a higher end neighborhood at the local Hilton, which sounded cool since most of the meetup’s I attend are low budget. So I figured whoever started this meetup had some sponsorship already and was going high-end. Cool, high-end meetup!

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