Using Continuous Delivery for Our Online Payment Gateway

edited quoteOver the last few months at Clearent we’ve been rolling out new features like crazy, and have launched a handful of exciting new products to our online payment gateway. But, with the pace at which we’re developing new technology, we’re realizing one of our biggest pain points–our release process. We often look to the industry leaders to seek guidance, and one of the software development leaders that we look to is Martin Fowler. His favorite soundbite is “if it hurts, do it more often.” It essentially means to do painful things more frequently so that they eventually become less painful. What we needed was a way to reduce the pain associated with releases. So we’ve made big strides towards implementing continuous delivery for our development team.

What is continuous delivery?

As we’ve been building out our online payment gateway, we’ve been talking about this topic a lot. The basic concept is that every time a developer commits a new feature to our codebase, we take that and create a deliverable product. We want to automate our process of building our code, running our tests, staging our environments, and promoting our products to our higher environments. Read more