Card On File

Recurring Payments Overview

The Clearent Gateway supports recurring payments by securely storing cardholder data and returning a token. The token can then be used in future transaction requests instead of cardholder data.

Recurring payments are a great way to enhance the payment or checkout experience for your customers by making it fast, easy, and convenient. It’s also a great way for merchants to reduce their PCI scope since they are not storing card numbers in their system.

With Clearent, you get the flexibility you need and can process recurring payments or repeat payments. Here’s a breakdown of each type.

Recurring Payments

  • Subscription-based Payments – Merchants collect the same amount of money from their customers on a repeat basis.
  • Pay Over Time – Merchants can help their customers pay a large bill over time by setting up a monthly payment schedule to pay off the full amount within a set period of time.

Repeat Payments

  • Storing a Card on File – Merchants can safely store customers’ payment information in a secure card vault so it can be accessed at a later date via a token. This is especially helpful when the amounts charged are different from payment to payment, such as when shopping online or processing bill payments, or for businesses such as dry cleaners and personal services such as dog walking services and more.