Installation / Configuration

Security Requirements

  • Your site must use HTTPS.
  • Do not publish your API Key or share it with anyone.
  • Never store or display non-encrypted card data anywhere on your site.

Installing the Clearent OpenCart 1.5 plugin

  • Download the zip file here.
  • Unzip the file. There will be an upload folder which includes an admin folder and a catalog folder. These folders follow an OpenCart plugin convention. All that is needed is to copy each of these folders into their respective names in the OpenCart installation. So, copy the /admin folder to the admin folder of your OpenCart installation, /catalog to catalog.



From the Administration menu, select the Payments option from the Extensions menu.

This will take you to the payments plugin page where you can install the payments plugin. Click on the Install link.

The page will change showing an Edit link. Click the Edit link.

This will take you to the configuration page for the Clearent Payments plugin.

  • Environment: By default, the Clearent Payments plugin will perform all transactions against the production environment. The plugin may be switched to sandbox environment for testing purposes.
    • Sandbox: You can run test transactions in Sandbox mode to verify your pages work, successful transactions are logged and the user is directed to your success page when the transaction is complete.
    • Production: This mode uses your life API key to run real transactions in your production environment.
  • API Keys: Contact Clearent to request sandbox api key for testing and production key for live sales.
    • Sandbox API Key: This key is used to run test transactions when the environment is set to Sandbox mode. This key will not work in Production mode.
    • Production API Key: This key is used to run live transactions when the environment is set to Production mode. This key will not work in Sandbox mode.
  • Require CSC: Enable/Disable requiring the customer to enter the CSC (3 digit code on back of card).
    • Disabled: (default) Feature is turned off.
    • Enabled: Enable this if you require the customer to enter the CSC.
  • Plugin Status: Enable/Disable the plugin.
    • Disabled: This allows you to disable the plugin, if necessary, but keep your configuration.
    • Enabled: Activates the plugin.
  • Debug Logging: This tool can be used to help diagnose issues when using the plugin. It may also be used to help diagnose production issues after your site has been deployed. When debugging is enabled, the debug log is created at:  /[opencart installation root folder]/system/clearent_v2.log
    • Disabled: (default) Debug logging is turned off.
    • Enabled: Debug logging is turned on.

Order History

Information about the transaction is associated with each Order.

Go to Sales and Select Orders.

Find the Order from the list of Orders and click the View link.

Click on the History tab. When a transaction is completed OpenCart will send an email to the customer. This is represented by the history with a Customer Notified as Yes. The second history is internal only. The customer receives no email. This history shows the transaction id, authorization code, and the exchange id.

Browser Support

Clearent’s OpenCart Plugin will work with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and IE11.


Error messages for this solution are generic for security purposes as these errors are presented directly to the end user. The exchange ID of each request in logged in the history log (see above). Provide this ID to Clearent if you need help debugging failed transaction errors.

Example Exchange ID from history log: ID-CLASBDKRGW01-cgw01-41232-1446575925523-0-2261

Additionally, debug logging (described above) may be turned on to help diagnose issues when developing and testing this plugin with your site’s pages.