Developer-Friendly Payments Platform

At Clearent, we strive to be a complete payment processor. This core value shines through in everything we do, from the way we built our developer-friendly payments platform with multiple integration methods to the way we treat our partners and merchants.

Go Straight to the Source

You’ll notice that our way of doing things is a bit different from other gateways and specialty payment APIs. Our complete end-to-end payment systems give you the ability to go straight to the source for more flexible and competitive programs that will help make sure you’re not leaving money on the table and help you avoid costly middleware solutions.

Let Us Help You Create a One-Stop Solution

Because our goal is to help you grow your business, your success is top of mind in everything we do. Let us handle the payments piece so you can focus on your business and add integrated payments to your most preferred platform, whether it’s accepting payments through your software program or app, through a customer portal, or even at a traditional point of sale terminal. That way you’ll be able to help your customers accept payments at each and every touch point and streamline their operations.

Boost Profitability & Retention

If you’re not currently offering your customers an integrated, end-to-end solution, let us show you how payment processing can be the ultimate value add. We can help you quickly integrate payments and provide your customers with a seamless transaction process that lends itself to a better overall user experience and more loyal customers. And the best part is that you can grow your bottom line with generous residual splits.

Want to Learn More?

To learn how you can boost your profits and create stickier customer relationships, complete the form below. A Clearent Representative will then contact you within 24 hours and share how you can benefit from integrating payment processing to your software program or app.

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