Verifying Your Product

The next step in getting you up and running on Clearent’s Integrated Payments Platform is verifying your product so you can start boarding merchants.

We provide a sandbox environment that gives developers the greatest flexibility in testing their integration with the various Gateway integration methods. The Sandbox environment mirrors our live production environment in terms of functionality and behavior, so it’s the ideal place to shake out any bugs or unexpected interactions without any financial impact to you or your customers.

Once you’ve conducted a reasonably thorough set of test cases in the sandbox (including both positive and negative cases), and obtained the responses you expect in each case, then the next question is how to cross over from the sandbox to production. The following verification process has been established to ensure that your software performs with the Clearent Gateway at a standard that meets your customers’ processing goals.

At the end of certification, Clearent will verify that all transactions are qualifying at the correct interchange rate and we will complete a Clearent Product Sheet for each certified version of your product. This information will then be used by our boarding and support staff to ensure top level service is provided to you and your customers.

As new versions of your software are rolled out, we recommend re-running key parts of this verification process to ensure the best service to your customers.

Creating a Test Merchant in the Clearent Production Environment

Running transactions in the production environment requires the use of live cards that have real financial impact; therefore certain pre-requisites must be in place before a production merchant account can be approved.

Prior to testing in production, you must have an executed contract with Clearent and have completed testing in the sandbox.

Once you’re satisfied that your software is working properly and you’d like to setup a production merchant, complete the following form.

To begin the certification process, follow these steps.

1. Complete the form below to let us know you are ready to begin the process.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

2. Once we receive your information we will board the merchant and notify you that the merchant has been boarded and is ready to process test transactions.

3. Running Test Transactions

  • Live credit cards are required to test the interchange rates. You can use cards on hand or buy pre-paid cards for each card brand (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). You can always refund the amounts once the transactions are settled.
  • When you run your test transactions, send an email to notifying them that the transactions have been entered.
  • It will take the transactions two-three days to settle and for interchange to be applied. You will be notified at that time that they qualified at the correct rate.

4. Now your customer is set to begin processing. Additional customers can now be boarded to the Clearent system without further testing.